The Importance Of Hood And Vent Cleaning In Restaurant Kitchens
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The Importance Of Hood And Vent Cleaning In Restaurant Kitchens

No one likes bad odor, especially if it’s coming from a place where food is cooked commercially. That combined with the risk of a fire hazard, you should probably pay more attention to the commercial hood and vent cleaning in your restaurant kitchen. Hood and vent cleaning is something that requires a regular check to keep the system working efficiently. Depending upon the usage and traffic in your restaurant, you might need to clean them as frequently as every three months.

Why Do You Need Hood And Vent Cleaning In Restaurant Kitchens?

The first step towards knowing WHY you actually need to maintain the hoods and vents in your commercial kitchen, is to know what is happening inside them. From the fat, grease, smoke, soot, mold and dangerous toxic compounds forming up to your good old regular dust, the hoods and vents above your stoves harbor it all. Everyone likes a clean environment and especially in a place where you handle and cook the food you eat and serve, it’s imperative that you ensure its cleanliness and sanitation. A few of the major reasons for a restaurant kitchen hood and vent cleaning are:

Fire Prevention

The vent and its hood serve the purpose of catching and holding as much grease, grime and smoke as possible. If left to do so over long periods of time, the layer of grease and other such things start thickening quickly. And as the hood is directly above the stove, it can catch fire if the temperature crosses the threshold. Fires stemming from lack of kitchen hood and vent cleaning can do damage and spread extremely fast and are hard to put out.

Efficacy of your Hood and Vent

As mentioned above, another negative side effect of grease and grime buildup can cause your hood and vent to not perform up to the required standard. As a result, air quality will take a hit, making it an unsafe environment for people working inside.

Equipment Damage

If you fail to maintain your hood and vent system properly, it can greatly reduce the lifespan of it, along with other equipment relying upon the proper functioning of the hood and vent system.

Invalidation of Insurance

If your kitchen hood does not comply with the fire safety codes, the insurance company can invalidate your coverage and increase the premium you have to pay. You could also be fined or even shut down by the local fire department if your establishment is found to be a fire hazard.

Reasons To Have Your Hood And Vent Cleaned Professionally

If someone is not familiar with the handling and maintenance of kitchen equipment, it can be quite difficult for them to clean the hood and vent system of their kitchen. Best practice is to get it done by professional hood and vent cleaners as the risk is too high to leave it to chance. Hiring an expert can:

  • Save You Time — Hood and vent cleaning is a difficult, messy and time-consuming task. Hiring an expert frees up time to focus on the main task at hand that is running your restaurant.
  • Get It Done Right — Vent and hoods are complicated, so if you’ve never cleaned one before, you can miss something crucial. Professionals use high quality hood and vent cleaning supplies that result in greater effectiveness.
  • Address Necessary Repairs — Your kitchen hood system could not be operating properly. The opportunity to verify for proper system performance and make any necessary repairs is provided by having a professional clean it.
  • Address Fire Code Complications — Over time, fire codes evolve. Professional hood and vent cleaners can advise you on the improvements you need to make if you work in an old building that is no longer up to code.

Do It Right With Safe Facility Services!

Safe Facility Services provides routine, detailed, and accurate measurement reports, creating the perfect framework to keep staff and customers safe and business owners well-informed. We understand the importance of creating a safe and hygienic environment for your business and consequently, prevent your hood and vent from causing any problems for your restaurant. Our reliable and effective deep cleaning solutions guarantee your business meets and surpasses cleanliness goals and safety protocols. Our periodic maintenance package will ensure your commercial space is kept in top condition. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help make your business look its best. Contact us now to have a free quote.