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Food Service Groups

The hub of all food service groups activity is the kitchen. As you strive to deliver healthy,
delicious food to your customers, the kitchen must not only pass all of the state health
requirements, but sparkle with the same excitement that comes with preparing the most mouth
watering dishes. When you engage Safe Facility Services, we take pride in making sure your
kitchen is so clean, magic happens.

Corporate Facility

When you manage or own a corporate campus, everything needs to work as expected. More
often than not, the cafeteria is the gathering place for your occupants and therefore the kitchen
needs to be in tip-top shape. Safe Facility Services specializes in deep cleaning the kitchen,
freeing the chef to focus on producing the quality food your guests expect.

Yacht Club/Country Club

Whether you operate a yacht club or country club, your members expect pristine facilities and
first-class service. Our facility services crew and deep cleaning kitchen specialists ensure that
your high foot traffic areas and food preparation stations sparkle. When you are looking to
deliver world-class service to your members, look no further than Safe Facility Services.

Sports Facility

When you are dedicated to the health and well-being of your members, facility cleanliness plays
an important role in the physical and mental health of your valued clients. Embracing an
all-encompassing approach to wellness includes maintaining open areas, equipment, and
kitchens with white-glove care.

Pharmaceutical Campus

Your pharmaceutical campus and its facility health are a direct reflection of your business.
Maintaining clean, safe, and warm areas, offices, and kitchens creates a comfortable space for
your employees to bring their best every day. Safe Facility Services is able to tailor a variety of
solutions to your facility needs.


The safety and security of your valued employees is a great responsibility. There are many
moving pieces to a manufacturing facility that must be cared for with tailored solutions. Whether
the lunchroom, the kitchen, the front offices, or the main floor, Safe Facility Services offers you a
wide variety of cleaning solutions to meet your diversified needs.


Your guests expect a level of familiarity and comfort associated with your hotel and amazing first
impressions go a long way to creating repeat business. Outsourcing your onsite restaurant
cleaning needs to Safe Facility Services will create the consistent standard of excellence that
you require.

Gaming Casinos

Improve your facility health with tailored services custom-designed for your specific needs. Our
state-of-the-art technology, combined with a flexible and experienced cleaning staff can satisfy
the unique demands of facility cleanliness in the gaming casino space.

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