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National Multi-Unit Chains

Today’s customer requires and appreciates familiarity and consistency when it comes to their
dining experience in branded restaurants. Nothing communicates this more than cleanliness.
The back of the house, the bathrooms, the bar, the dining area, and the front of the house all
require the same level of cleanliness from property to property.

Regional Multi-Unit Chains

Whether you manage two unique restaurants or dozens of units in a region, you understand the
management hassles of achieving consistent and standardized facility health across properties.
When cleanliness tasks are performed on schedule, completed in a world-class fashion, and
exceed expectations, you are free to focus on revenue-generating activities to grow your

Franchise Groups

Budgets and cost structure are critical components of success. To maximize the effectiveness
of each dollar spent, Safe Facility Services provides a professional, experienced workforce, a
systematized design for facility health, and state-of-the-art resources and equipment. Our
trifecta approach allows us to operate at maximum efficiency and increase the ROI per unit for
our Franchise partners.

Private Equity Firms

Private equity firms have found a nice niche in the restaurant industry. With $2.5 trillion of
assets under management, 50% of which is invested in North America, the need for
economical, world-class health facility services has never been greater. Safe Facility Services
provides world-class service knowing that ROI and Net profit margins drive critical business

Single Unit Operator

Outsourcing your facility’s health needs to Safe Facility Services will free up mental space and
create extra time for mission-critical tasks. By partnering with SFS, we become your
single-source solution for handling your facility care operation. Our experts will customize and
strategize with you to generate a plan that is unique for you and that communicates warmth and
safety to your customers.

Food Trucks

Safe Facility Services has over 20 years of experience delivering the highest standards of
quality and cleanliness. When you outsource your Food Truck’s deep cleaning needs to Safe
Facility Services, we partner with you to create the optimal clean and safe environment, while
keeping a keen eye on cost structure and logistical management.

Ghost Kitchen

Ghost kitchens allow for convenient food delivery and are a growing part of the restaurant
industry. Given how ghost kitchens have carved a distinctive niche in the hospitality industry,
Safe Facility Services is uniquely positioned to service the needs of this expanding segment of
the market.

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