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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

SFS is a nationally certified Deep Kitchen Cleaning company. Our SFS certified teams are trained to use the same Standard Operating Procedures across the country. We pride ourselves in delivering the same work product no matter where you live in the US. Whether you are a single unit owner, or a corporate restaurant chain, the same level of customer care is given to each individual unit.

Not only can the FDA shut down and fine your restaurant, but also a build-up of grease can cause fires inside your kitchen which puts workers and customers at risk. Unclean kitchens statistically result in more injuries like slips, trips, and falls which can be mitigated with an extensive monthly or quarterly deep cleaning.

Unlike the common belief that food-related illnesses are usually caused by the actual food, it is found that most food-related illnesses are the result of unsanitary food handling practices that stem from the sanitation of the facility. Also, note that if a food/sanitation illness is linked to your restaurant your establishment can be held liable.

  1.  Build up of Carbon and Grease will eventually damage or even destroy kitchen equipment.
  2. Without correct cleaning, slips, trips, and falls are statistically proven to accrue at twice the average rate.
  3. Conversely, 70% of food-borne illnesses are due to inappropriate cleaning protocols.


ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) is used to test the hazardous biological material on almost every surface. SFS uses this tool to show the harmful pathogens that exist at common touchpoints that could be dangerous to a facility’s overall health. SFS uses ATP testing to find cleaning solutions for the over-exposed touchpoints.

  1. Mold can grow and spread throughout your facility if your HVAC is not regularly cleaned or replaced.
  2. Pest and Rodents can infest your ducts.
  3. Whatever dirt or dust that is building up in the ducts is now being released into your facility which can cause potential health risks
  4. The Safe Facility Service Sander Air Filter Solution provides MERV 16 protection with a minimal increase in energy output.

Simply click “Contact Us” then “Free Quote” if you are on our web page.  Or, you can call us directly at 833-472-3548 to get your free estimate and join the hundreds of other Safe Certified Facilities across the country.

Although you can use your in-house employees to clean your kitchen, most have not been trained for the technicalities, product knowledge, risk prevention that come along with deep cleaning kitchens.  Also, by outsourcing, certain liabilities associated with the Deep Kitchen Clean are passed onto Safe Facility Services.  Outsourcing also reduces your workers compensation rates as well as hourly payroll.

The industry standards and best practices require a monthly to quarterly deep kitchen cleaning cadence, depending on the frequency with which your kitchen is used.

SFS services 80% of the country. If you are in our national coverage areas, SFS can get a team out to you in 2-5 days. If you fall outside of our national service areas, time to service can be up to a week.

In 2022, Los Angeles closed over 30 restaurants due to unsanitary conditions. This resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars lost and many lives ruined. Not only does Deep Kitchen Cleanings keep you off the radar of governmental agencies, but it also mitigates the risk of employee and or guest accidents. Insurance studies have shown that a proactive cleaning regiment reduces the overall financial burden administratively and increases the net profitability of the establishment.

On average, Deep Kitchen Cleaning services range from $2,500 to $5,000, depending on the size of the establishment, the scope of work, and the cleanliness of the kitchen.  Each job is individually quoted in order to tailor to the nuances of your kitchen.

Safe Facility Services cleans Corporate Campuses across the country.  Each campus is unique and requires a detailed and personalized cleaning plan.

For large multi-unit chains, the complete scope of work is taken into account along with each individual unit. The combination of volume (how many units) and cleanliness (each individual unit) are two key factors when using our proprietary proposal formula that also includes square footage, scope of work, frequency, equipment and supplies.

We are always looking for talented, motivated and people oriented individuals to join our team. We have multiple opportunities within our company for you to begin an exciting career in the facility health services industry. Please reach out to us at “CAREERS.”

Yes. SFS will give a full refund if the job is canceled 30 days prior to the cleaning. However, once Safe Facility Services has received the deposit (7 days prior to job commencement) any cancellations will include a 20% cancellation fee on the contract amount.

After SFS completes a job, a walk through between the owner or GM of the facility and a Safe Facility Services representative takes place. During the walkthrough, any incomplete items as outlined by the contractual scope of work that have been missed, will be taken care of at that time. Once the owner of the facility signs off on the job as complete, no refunds will be given.

Yes. Safe Facility Services is insured up to the fullest extent of the law. Also, each job may require additional insurance, upon which SFS will provide an additional insurance certificate.