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Our Deep Cleaning Overview

  • Cleaning and biofilm removal
  • Application of an EPA Registered N-List disinfectants
  • ATP testing results to prove the surfaces are clean
  • A detailed report outlining process and procedures and pictures from the job
  • Our table tents and door decals confirming your facility is SAFE
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New Laws Concerning COVID-19

It is our business to keep your business safe. With Senate Bill 1159 in full effect, every business owner needs to provide a solid layer of protection against COVID-19 related illnesses and injuries. It goes beyond simply meeting those standards. At Safe Facility Services, it’s a matter of doing the right thing, in the best way, and exceeding expectations. We immediately evaluate and address the potential risks of COVID-19 and other pathogens and provide the advanced deep cleaning measures necessary to help maintain safety.

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The Process

We respond to decontamination emergencies within 24 hours. Keep your business running. Call Safe Facility Services.

Positive COVID-19 cases can arise at any given moment. Don’t let your business operations be interrupted. Safe Facility Services has an effective and thoroughly tested CDC, OSHA, and Health Department regulated clean response ready to go.

We recommend and demonstrate how to use specialized equipment, cleaning products, and techniques to help your in-house cleaning staff maintain safe and clean surfaces.

Breathe healthy and clean facility air by following Safe Facility Services lead. We spend quality time presenting and detailing the best in clean air equipment and products.

To ensure the best in cleaning and safety, Safe Facility Services conducts audits of cleaning practices and equipment used by testing the level of contaminants on high-touch surfaces and in the air.

Monitoring your cleaning protocols just got easier. Safe Facility Services lists all post contaminant readings in one streamlined and easy to access web-based client dashboard.

Safe Facility Services assists with drafting employee and customer communications. We offer website content, press releases, webinars. and newsletters.

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