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Senior care facilities command a clean and safe environment in regular times. Now with the COVID-19 pandemic experience, infection protection should be at the forefront of every executive’s mind. There is no room for delay, no room for error. Let Safe Facility Services step in and make a difference. The senior population runs a greater risk for illness due to allergens, microbes, and bacteria, making commercial deep cleaning a must. Safe Facility Services has what it takes to keep your place safe.

Our Safe Facility Services team has over 25 years of experience creating clean and sanitary senior care spaces. We have the knowledge and high-tech equipment to offer the best in cleaning, sanitation, and infection protection.

Our Defendable program involves a streamlined certification process. We detail the exact steps taken to measure, monitor, and manage your facility health standards. This proof of sustainable and clean outcomes can be shared with employees, residents, and visitors.

Achieve a clean and sanitary senior care establishment with our team’s extensive knowledge and experience leading the way. Safe Facility Services will generate the clean space your residents deserve.

Five Steps Commercial Senior Care

Five Steps for Safe Senior Care

Our proprietary process is designed to create a safe, successful, and enjoyable establishment not only in the present but for years to come. With a simple five-step procedure, our defendable program offers exceptional cleaning results, identifies opportunities for continuous improvement, and functions as a blueprint for sustainable cleaning and sanitizing practices.


Our Safe Senior Care process begins with a thorough analysis of your facility’s current SOPs and cleaning protocols. We review safety standards and work to isolate areas that need improvement while maintaining current processes that are already up to standard. During this stage, we also review your facility’s current chemical costs and their effectiveness to ensure that you have access to useful and efficient products.

Once our analysis is complete, we create a customized solution for your facility.


The second step of our process is implementation, which is carried out either on our own or with any existing teams you have in place. During this stage, we utilize many cutting-edge cleaning and sanitation technologies such as dry vapor and electrostatic sprayers that offer deep and lasting results.

We also place a focus on the future of your establishment by implementing staff training plans which focus on sustaining a clean and sanitary environment for years to come.


Our third step ensures that you benefit from working with our team. We spend time collecting and documenting cleanliness outcomes, ensuring OSHA and CDC compliance. We also utilize ATP testing to validate the effects of our deep cleaning services. We do this because collecting this data provides you with objective details of your defendable plan and displays the benefits of our services in quantifiable, easy-to-understand material.


Our fourth step focuses on your future by establishing practices that will allow you to maintain the cleanliness and safety of your establishment. We train your staff and outsourced providers as to the best practices, tools, and products they should use when completing their daily tasks. We focus on creating a mindset of understanding and care while providing access to necessary knowledge that they can utilize to create a sustainable workspace.


The final step of the process revolves around the idea that what gets measured gets done. We perform ongoing monitoring in order to collect data that will help us ensure that a rigorous cleanliness level is maintained. We provide reporting to ensure that you are notified of and can manage any exceptions that occur at the touchpoint, unit, or regional level.

To further the sustainability of our defendable program, we utilize barrier products at this stage. These products provide an additional level of antimicrobial protection for up to six months and are focused on key touchpoints in your facility.

Safe Senior Facility Services

Safe Senior Care Services

At-risk populations such as seniors require more than just common janitorial services. Our team of infection prevention cleaning experts specializes in deep cleaning and sanitization, offering a variety of unique and useful services that will keep your facility clean and compliant.

Sanitizing and Disinfecting All Areas

  • Dry Vapor Steam Technology: Similar to steam cleaning, dry vapor steam cleaning uses water heated to high temperatures to clean and sanitize areas without leaving water or damp spots behind. Ideal for hard or soft surfaces in bathrooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and more, eliminating odors, mildew, scum, and pet dander. Because no chemicals are used during the cleaning process, dry vapor steam cleaning is an eco-friendly, affordable, and viable option for senior care facilities.

  • Electrostatic Sprayers: Unlike other chemical sprayers, electrostatic sprayers charge contents as they pass through the system, creating droplets of sanitizers, cleaners, or disinfectants that are naturally drawn to surfaces in a room rather than to each other. This is an effective tool for sanitizing large spaces, which may be difficult or time-consuming to clean with more traditional methods. Our sprayers can be used anywhere from common areas to bathrooms to kitchens.

  • Probiotic Bio-Detergents: Probiotics aren’t just good for digestion; they also make living spaces cleaner. Probiotic cleaners work by covering areas in good bacteria that detoxify and eliminate harmful bacteria. One benefit of these bio-detergents is the lack of harmful chemicals and additives that may irritate residents.

  • Surface Contaminant Testing: We measure the level of contaminants on surfaces throughout the facility to identify potential problem areas before they become dangerous.

Safety Audit Report

A proactive mindset is best when it comes to safety. We offer a floor-to-rooftop assessment of equipment and facility risks that will alert you to a potential fire, health, code, and OSHA violations. We work to identify and mitigate potential disasters before they become dangerous or life-threatening.

Cleaning Verification System

  • Ongoing Contaminant Testing and Reporting: Our documentation doesn’t end after the cleaning is complete — we continue to test and report on contaminants throughout your facility to avoid any harmful surprises.

  • High Touch-Point Facility Guide/Map: We provide a customized map of high touchpoints throughout your facility as focus areas for daily cleaning. These points (which include surfaces such as doorknobs and handles, sinks, desks, and more) are likely to transmit contaminants and should be cleaned frequently.

  • Antimicrobial Coating Application: We provide ongoing protection to your residents and staff with antimicrobial coating application, which suppresses the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Documentation of Cleaning Protocol

The worldwide pandemic makes it even more imperative to gather and store detailed documentation of the ways your establishment is keeping personnel and residents safe. We provide the data you require, including:

  • Methodologies
  • Equipment
  • Solutions
  • Before/After Photos
  • Before/After Contaminant Readings
  • Safety Data Sheets
Senior Care Facility Training


  • CDC/OSHA Standards: We operate according to the rigorous standards set forth by groups such as OSHA and the CDC, and provide the training you need to do the same.

  • Recommended Techniques: The CDC offers guidelines on the best way to clean and disinfect your facility. We will help educate your staff to ensure they are aware of and adhere to these recommendations.

  • Optimal Tools, Chemicals, and Equipment: Whether you’re seeking chemical-free alternatives to standard cleaning procedures, or aren’t sure what disinfecting equipment is best for your needs, we can help. Our knowledgeable team will walk you through the optimal tools, chemicals, and equipment needed in your facility.
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